Errol Spence Jr. Sinks Kell Brook in 11


Another electric atmosphere of 27,000 boxing fans on hand from Sheffield, England

The fight started off with Brook imposing his length to keep Errol Spence at bay. Spence was hunting for the body trying to get into the inside of Brook. Both men started landing meaningful leather in the 3rd round.

Errol Spence has never experienced a fighter of Kell Brook’s caliber and it was apparent after 6 rounds of action. A huge punch to start off the 6th seem to awaken Spence. A really good round as both fighters showed heavier hands to close out the half way mark of the contest.

The 8th round had more bombs being delivered by these two warriors, but it seems in the closely contested rounds Spence was just barley falling short of winning the round.

Maybe Spence and his team felt the same way because Errol Spence delivered his most ferocious round in round 9. It was nothing but Spence combos landing in round 9.

The Spence onslaught continued as he was teeing off combos downing Brook in the 10th with 2:25 on the clock. Spence just delivered a game changer with the knockdown in the 10th.

With two rounds to go its sink or swim time in the championship rounds and Errol Spence sunk Kell Brook. Brook took too much left eye damage in the 11th and took a knee as he bowed out of the fight with 1:23 to go in the round and did not beat the 10 count.

Errol Spence gets a huge knockout victory to add to his resume on enemy soil. Spence has truly proven himself as his undefeated record stays intact with 23 victories and no defeats. Errol Spence has officially arrived and with his IBF Welterweight Title now his, no other Welterweight titles are safe.




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