Joshua vs Klitschko

We are just days away from one of the most anticipated World Heavyweight title bouts in many a year, Saturday April 29th see’s Britain’s IBF World Heavyweight Champion put his belt on the line in a career defining fight vs the Legend Wladimir Klitschko a man who dominated for over a decade, the vacant IBO and WBA super title will be on the line as well, they step into the ring in front of 90,000 screaming brit’s inside England’s Wembley Stadium, boxing in the UK has rose to the top of pile, we are no doubt the leading force in world boxing rite now, it brings me back to the days of lewis, Bruno, Benn, Collins, eubank, naz ect the sport is booming here right now and it don’t take the fact that these two men will fight in front of 90,000 fans to tell u otherwise!

These two men have the upmost respect for each other, not only former sparring partners and good friends but Klitschko had once said he would pass the torch to Joshua, now they are in reality facing one another, Klitschko is a wounded beast after losing his last fight and all his titles to another brit in Tyson Fury in one of the most lackluster performances and fights in heavyweight history, the question still remains did fury mentally break Klitschko or did “father time” one of the oldest clichés in boxing raise it’s ugly head yet again?

Now on the rise in the shadows of all this is a young explosive, fast and strong in his prime champion in AJ, he has easily defeated every man who has stepped into the ring with him, but he has never faced a all time great with the experience and power and ability of Klitschko, so a lot of questions will be answered come Saturday. Alot of guys think the fight could be too soon for the young champion, but like legends before him like Tyson , Patterson , Cassius clay all defeated great fighters with huge experience in their young days and came out on top, joshua’s fate is in his own hands, bottom line is “if u want to be the best u have to face the best ” I admire joshua’s will and guts to want to be the best while other heavyweight champions out there are comfortable beating fringe contenders and top 10-15 guys, not AJ he’s looking for the big names and the big fights!

Klitschko has a point to prove he has that bitter taste in his mouth from losing so bad to Fury, he wants to reclaim his credibility and his titles, but at the tender age of 41 can he pull of a win vs a young explosive kid with raw power, we saw a similar fight years ago when a young Mike Tyson took on the legendary Larry Holmes and blasted Larry to retirement fast and hard! We could see a similar thing here come the weekend plus Wlad has all the pressure he’s fighting a young fresh beast in his back yard with 90,000 brit’s thirsty for the Ukrainian’s legends blood.

Who will win?

The fight can realistically go two ways but it will more than likely come down to a few things and which man can execute best on the night, Joshua has to use his speed his youth and explosiveness to make Klitschko work and take him out of his comfort zone, Klitschko never liked having to chase a guy or not having a huge reach or height advantage, we saw with fury what happened when Wlad could not hold or lean on him and hadn’t the height or length to keep fury at range, Joshua ain’t as big as fury but he’s around the same size as Klitschko. He needs to be first and be last and use his youth and all of the ring this will take Wladimir out of his comfort zone and have to go at Joshua then he will leave openings for Joshua to exploit, Wlad to win must be himself use his experience and smarts, but he is going to have to go get AJ if he wants to win he needs to be more aggressive than he’s been in many years which at this stage of his career I’m not sure he can do but he has to take the fight to the young champion, Wlad won’t able to hold or lean so he has to fight, but it’s going to be hard when you have been used to fighting a certain way for so long and using the same habits it’s hard so late in your career to change the style up, that’s why I’m picking Joshua to stop Klitschko in the final third of the fight, I can’t see Klitschko winning unless he can land the big ko shot on the relatively untested chin of Joshua which can happen with two ko punchers like these two, which is what makes the fight intriguing but i just think AJ at this stage has just too many weapons to beat the ageing Klitschko, Joshua By ko in about 8-9 rounds seem’s about right to me.

Let’s just hope the winner faces The Bronze bomber Deontay Wilder next and that way we know who really is the number one best heavyweight in the world since Tyson fury Retired!


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