Rebel T Promotions Makes Debut with Ornelas vs. Martinez Controversial Technical Draw


Rebel T Promotions introduced themselves into the boxing world in Los Angeles at the Burbank Marriott Convention Center. The night featured 5 fights and everything you hoped to get out of a night of action such as knockouts, heavy punches, blood, and controversy.

The main event featured once blemish free record fighters such as Max Ornelas (8-0-1, 3 KOs) and Leopoldo Martinez (6-0-1, 3KOs). The fight didn’t last long only going past the half way marker of the 2nd round.

Martinez looked to bring the fight early rushing Ornelas from the start of the fight. The punches from Martinez didn’t seem to bother Max Ornelas as he countered back with heavy hands. A clash of heads opened a deep cut within a minute through the first round. The referee never announced to the judges how the cut was caused.

Ornelas began to target the head of Martinez in the 2nd. The amount of blood seemed to be a massive problem for Martinez as every punch from Max looked as if it was stunning Martinez. Max Ornelas was beginning to show boat fighting with one hand behind his back and then the referee halted the contest. That’s where the controversy began.

Since the fight did not make it past 4 rounds the fight was declared a technical draw. The Ornelas camp very upset and the dominate fighter gets a blemish on his record instead of a “no contest.”

With both camps unhappy with a blemish on their record a immediate rematch appears to be in the works for June 10, 2017. That fight will take place on the Roy Jones Jr. Boxing Promotions event at The D in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Could be a gem of a fight is this fight will get televised on CBS Sports.


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