Antonio Orozco and Mercito Gesta Deliver Wins on Golden Boy ESPN Saturday Fights



Golden Boy Promotions brought their ESPN televised event series to the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. So far the production has been a perfect fit as the action has been everything fight fans could ask for. The event in Las Vegas featured two fighters whom took a bit of time away from the sport and gave them an opportunity to boost their careers to the next level. Here’s how the night went for these warriors of the ring.

Antonio Orozco vs KeAndre Gibson

Both fighters made it apparent that they came to bring the heat exchanging hard shots right out of the gates. Orozco just seemed to of had the edge in fire power halfway through the 2nd round. With a 1:43 left in the 4th round, Orozco delivered the blow with a right hook that would close out the night.

Referee Russel Mora halted the action after the knockdown, giving Orozco the TKO victory. Antonio Orozco remains undefeated at Super Lightweight 26-0, 17KOs.


Mercito Gesta vs Gilberto Gonzalez

Mercito Gesta got off to a quicker start from the 1st toll of the bell. Gilberto Gonzalez spent the first couple rounds searching for punches he could load up on, which he had success on at times. One of the times resulted in a knockdown delivered with a left uppercut in the 3rd round by Gonzalez.

Mercito continued to display “No Mercy” when it came to throwing combos as he smothered Gonzalez’s face, giving Gilberto a bloody goatee.

As the fight progressed you had one man (Gesta) trying to pepper his opponent with combos, and the other man (Gonzalez) with heavier hands which led to a good ole fashion brawl.

The highlight of that brawl came at the start of the 10th as both men unloaded their arsenal. After 10 rounds it was left up to the judges and they declared Mercito Gesta as the one with the better weaponry of the night.

Mercito Gesta improves to 30-1-2, 16KOs.


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