GGG Squeaks by Daniel Jacobs in Close UD Victory


It was a sold out crowd on hand at the Madison Square Garden in New York to see who would come out victorious between Gennady Golovkin and Danny Jacobs.

The fight did not unfold as many predicted. Many thought Danny would fire and tire away early and GGG would get a KO within 6 rounds. It was quite the opposite.

Danny Jacobs proved he was a “bigger” test than any Golovkin faced before. Golovkin faced Kell Brook his last outing who is naturally a welterweight. Just watching you can tell Jacobs was the bigger guy this time around for Golovkin.

The match started out a little more tactical as both men knew each other had power. Golovkin scored a knockdown in the fourth which may had led to scoring in his favor. Jacobs was back on his feet and really starting to drop combos in the sixth round and beyond.

Everytime GGG connected Danny Jacobs was answering back. As it came closer to the later rounds it seemed like an upset was brewing, sort of like the co-main where Chocolatito was upsetted. Were two fighters of similar caliber gonna suffer their first defeats?

Nope! Gennady Golovkin was able to pull it off in a close, exciting fight. Golovkin vs Jacobs is the kinda fighters that were just meant to meet. Hopefully this two can meet again as I personally think Jacobs can improve and edge it out officially in the next one. As I may wonder about that, it seems like most are still in favor of a Golovkin vs Canelo match instead.

As GGG had trouble with Jacobs the same type of fight is possible and may play out with Canelo vs Chavez Jr.

Gennady Golovkin did get a UD and stays undefeated at 37-0, 33KOs. He may still be undefeated but his KO streak did come to an end.


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