Saturday March 18th marks the return of the most dominant middleweight in the world Gennady Golovkin aka GGG. The kazakhstani monster has left a trail of destruction within the Middleweight division. He has scored 23 consecutive knockouts the longest ko streak in middleweight history and currently boasts an impressive record of 36-0-0 with 33 ko’s.

Golovkin has come under fire from many fans for his lack of credible opponents, it may not be his fault that we are seeing possibly the weakest middleweight era in the sports history and he is dominating it!  With recent opponents like Willie Monroe, Dominick Wade and his last foe a Welterweight in Kell Brook  which left fans and experts alike finding it hard to credit the kazakhstani for his wins!

But this Saturday we have finally found a legitiment threat and natural 160 pound fighter who can box and punch just as hard as GGG he comes in the name of Danny Jacobs, a terrific fighter riding his own impressive knockout ratio and record of 32-1-0 with 29 ko’s.

His only blemish is a 2010 loss to Dmitry Pirog where Jacobs was knocked out. However it emerged that he had been battling cancer and had to take time out after the Pirog fight, doctors told him he would never fight again after removing a huge tumor from his back the future looked grim, however like a true champion Jacobs rose back up and started to train, 17 months later he was back in the ring and has been on a tear since!

He had a tremendous win and performance in 2015 knocking out highly rated and touted Kid Chocolate Peter Quillin in just a few minutes. Staking his claim as the number one threat to GGG.

Golovkin has basically wiped out everything in his path and last saw the final bell in a fight way back in 2008 when Amar Amari took him the distance. Jacobs will be hoping to atleast see the final bell, but thats easier said than done just ask David Lemieux, Kell Brook, Willie Monroe and all the others who have fallen victim to Golovkin’s power! Can Jacobs spring the upset and end the Streak of GGG?

Yes he can but its going to be tough, very tough, he is certainly a bigger version of Britain’s Kell Brook who showed alot verses GGG if Jacobs a natural 160 pounder with a height and reach advantage over Golovkin and who possesses just as much ko power, no doubt he can give him some problems. I think Jacobs needs to keep Golovkin on the back foot from the get go,  he has shown he is not as effective when forced back but Jacobs need’s to be defensively responsible in doing so he can’t afford to let GGG tee off or catch him especially early on, ultimately I see Golovkin winning this fight by late stoppage most likely in the final 3rd of the fight,  I think his pressure and abilty to cut off the ring will wear Jacobs down and set up the late TKO,  but we cannot count Jacobs out both guys have legit one punch ko power  and are capable of ending it at any moment, so tune in Saturday for what promises to be a great fight!


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