Pacquiao vs Khan: Not Gonna Happen


It was announced a couple weeks ago that Manny Pacquiao and Amir Khan had agreed to face each other in United Arab Emirates in April. This is true, both men had agreed, except for one thing. 

The thing is no one went through Top Ranks big boss man Bob Arum. Arum already worked on a done deal for Manny Pacquiao to face Jeff Horn in Brisbane, Australia in April.

Pacquiao did seem to like the idea of facing the unpopular Jeff Horn and tried to get a big money deal done on his own with Khan.

So the Pacquiao vs Khan fight will not happen in April. Maybe there will be a chance in Summer of 2017, but Arum is also hinting at that time frame as a no go.

Khan being Muslim and the holy month of Ramadan will mostly put off that meeting. Also if the fight was going to take place in UAE, the venue proposed was outdoors and that would be far too hot for a show in a desert enviroment.


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