Santa Cruz Takes Title Back from Frampton


When Carl Frampton first fought Leo Santa Cruz it would end up being Showtimes “fight of the year” for 2016. It was a close contest back then as Carl Frampton got the close majority decision win. For the rematch both fighters had a game plan on how to improve since their last fight, leaving fans with no clear cut favorite.

The fight followed the same path as their first scrap. One of the notable differences was Leo Santa Cruz was using more of his boxing abilities this time around. Santa Cruz was using his height and jab in his favor.  This would prove to be the right track for Leo.

Carl Frampton still had his moments where he broke through Leo’s guard to get inside, but couldn’t keep the pressure like he did in the first bout.

The better boxing ability by Leo Santa Cruz would give him the victory and be the deciding factor in another close contest. Judge Burt Clemons scored the fight a draw (114-114), but Glenn Feldman and Dave Moretti had the fight 115-113 in favor of Leo Santa Cruz.

Leo Santa Cruz gained his WBA Super World Featherweight title back and also gained a friend out of a foe. With both men winning against each other in close battles, a trilogy may also be gained.


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