Berchelt TKOs Vargas, Miura KOs Roman


In 2015 Francisco Vargas vs Takashi Miura was one of the better fights in all of that year. So when you saw their names together on a card you kinda sensed a possible rematch if both men should win. Miura held up to his end of the bargain, but Miguel Berchelt had a different road map for Francisco Vargas.

Lets take our focus to the main event. The fight would start off with hard exchanges from both competitors and Francisco Vargas face would take the more notable damage as he suffered cuts on the bridge of his nose and his left eyebrow. Hence giving him one of his new nicknames by journalist “the Mexican Gatti.”

With a bloody face, compliments of Miguel Berchelt, it was obvious Berchelt was the nights better fighter. Francisco Vargas was down on the scorecards and the fight could’ve even been stopped earlier in the 9th, but everyone knows Vargas is one of a fighter and as expected he kept fighting.

Miguel Berchelt continued to deliver a beating to Vargas and was able to end it in the 11th round after 2 minutes and 19 seconds.

This would be Francisco Vargas first defeat and blamed the blood leaking into his eye as a distraction for his performance. Miguel Berchelt took the junior lightweight title and now has a record 31-1, 28KOs.


Takashi Miura took on Miguel Roman in an amazing slugfest co-feature. Miguel Roman out threw his opponent, but Takashi Miura had the more devastating blows. Miura was digging heavily to the body in the later rounds and as a result of his efforts he sucked the wind out of Roman and downed Roman in the 10th.

Miguel Roman would get up and continue to fight on. How he got up is beyond me. Takashi would continue to deliver hard shots also downing Roman once more in the 11th. At this point you could tell there was nothing left in the tank for Miguel Roman. Miura would be rewarded his KO after delivering a hard left that would leave Roman on the canvas and unable to beat referee’s Tom Taylor’s count.


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