Vera Wins by SD Over Larbi

Photo: Manny “Mitts” Murillo

Many speculated Salim Larbi would be no easy task for rising middleweight John Vera. It was a tough scrap that went the distance in the scheduled ten rounder.

There was tough competition coming out of both fighters throughout the contest. It seemed the beginning rounds belonged to Vera as his combos were getting through to his opponent, Larbi.

Salim Larbi began to land with more flush shots towards the middle rounds of the match.

John Vera may had injured his left hand possibly in the 7th round. Vera went on his bicycle through rounds 7 thru the mid point of round 9, leading me to believe an injury was suffered. Salim Larbi gave out taunts trying to persuade Vera to meet back in the middle of the ring.

Larbi would be penalized in the 9th round for a low blow. To make matters worse Larbi did get that meeting he wanted at center ring. It didn’t go as planned as Vera was looking to take Larbi’s head off. A great round for Vera fighting through adversity.

With only 1 round of action left both fighters came out for the 10th round looking to put the match in their favor. It was nothing but action from both men in the middle of the ring. A great round for all the fans in attendance and a entertaining way to end a main event.

John Vera got the close split decision victory over Salim Larbi. The first judge scored it 95-94 in favor of Larbi.  The second judge scored it 95-94 in favor of Vera. The third and final judge scored it 97-92 for Vera.

John Vera’s record now improves to 16-0, 10 KOs.





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