Carbajal TKOs Molina in 5 Rounds

Photo: Manny “Mitts” Murillo

In the co-feature in the Roy Jones Jr. Promotions card at the celebrity theater in Phoenix, AZ. Keenan Carbajal took on Gustavo Molina in a scheduled 8 round event.

The fight started out with Carbajal being the bigger more physical man. Carbajal’s punches just seem to hurt more. Molina proved to be a scrappy veteran whom was in his 37th pro bout.

Tricky veteran tactics had no effect on Carbajal. Keenan Carbajal dropped Gustavo Molina in the 3rd round. Molina would rise and make it through the remainder of round 3.

The crowd sensed the finishing moments would happen in round 4, but Molina survived that round as well.

Round 5 was the winning round for Keenan as he was way too much for Molina. Keenan Carbajal was feeding Gustavo Molina with too many flurries. Referee Chris Flores put a halt to the contest, giving Carbajal the TKO victory after 1:32 in round 5.

Keenan Carbajal improves to 13-2-1, 7KOs.



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